Health Promotion

Part of The pahl Project is to review the health promotion resources available to people with ID.  The review is focused on determining what resources currently exist that can benefit Special Olympics athletes, volunteers, educators, families and caregivers. The review process determines which resources can be retooled and tailored to meet the needs of our stakeholders. 

To increase accessibility and awareness of these resources; nutrition, physical activity, healthy living, and training guides will be posted on The pahl Project website. These guides will offer useful tips and resources about nutrition, fitness and wellness. 

The newest resource in the Pahl toolbox is the Preparing to Compete Workbook. It provides a seven day outlook for athletes to follow while preparing for an upcoming competition. To access the Preparing to Compete Workbook, click here.

Secondly, pahl is in the process of creating Step Into Action! Step Into Action is a program designed to engage athletes and non-athletes alike to enhance their physical activity by taking the ‘Step’ challenge.