pahl High Performance Training Guide

The High Performance Training Guides were designed with the intention to equip 
athletes and coaches with the necessary tools needed to reach their full potential 
while training to compete at Provincial, National, and International Games. 

Whether you are an Athlete or Coach, we got you covered!! Depending on which 
Games you're training for, we got you covered!! 

The Coaching Guide provides additional information for Coaches on the following topics:
  1. Goal Setting
  2. Mental Preparation
  3. Competition Preparation
  4. Travel Preparation
  5. Sport Nutrition
  6. Guide to Strength & Conditioning

Download PDF versions below!

The Athlete Training Guide consists of six different guides to assist coaches and athletes during the training process leading up to Games.

  1. Goal Setting Guide
  2. Mental Preparation Guide
  3. Competition Guide
  4. Nutrition Guide
  5. Strength and Conditioning Guide
  6. Periodization Guide

Download PDF versions below! 
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