Step Into Action!

1. Step Into Action is an interactive web based tracking program designed to increase the physical activity levels of athletes/students by taking a ’Step’ challenge.

2. The ‘Step’ component of the program includes any type of activity that can be measured by a pedometer, such as: walking, jogging, running, participating in sports and dancing.

3. On the website

  • Athletes/Students can track their steps, track their nutrition and visually see their progress over time,
  • Coaches/Teachers can download nutrition and physical activity resources, and also, track the progress of all participating athletes/students!

4. The Step Into Action program supplies pedometers and resources for coaches, teachers, volunteers who register as a Program Leader.

5. These resources are designed to educate the athletes/students about goal setting, nutrition and physical fitness; with the ultimate goal of helping them along the path of living an active and healthy lifestyle.

6. In addition to the health benefits, Step Into Action aims to develop the participants skills in the following areas of: goal setting, goal achievement, responsibility, accountability, and computer literacy. 

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Kirsten Bobbie,
13 Jan 2012, 12:53