TRAIN Assessment

A TRAIN Assessment event is a fun way for Special Olympics athletes to assess their sports skills and learn about nutrition.

Holding a TRAIN Event


TRAIN requires approximately 20 meters by 20 meters of open space. A wall or other vertical surface is recommended for several of the stations.


Each athlete will take approximately 45 minutes to complete all stations. It will thus take approximately 2 hours for 20-25 athletes to go through. If additional volunteers are available, two athletes can use each station at once, allowing twice the athletes in the same time.


  • 15-25 volunteers are required.
  • 40-50 volunteers are ideal, which allows two athletes per station simultaneously.
During the Event

Each athlete will receive a sports assessment form and name tag. Athletes will proceed through each station in order. At the last station (SNAP), they will receive recommendations based on their assessment results, together with supplemental material (TRAIN@Home) to take with them.